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Now you have a design – what comes next?


Where Your Vision Comes To Life

Your project is a place where people will live, work and play – it’s a reflection of your vision and legacy.

We execute your project, beyond foundations and support beams. Your project is a place where people will live, work and play – it’s a reflection of your vision and legacy.

We assign one point of contact for all stages of a project build, including construction management and general contracting.

One point of contact reduces miscommunication and ultimately creates an unparalleled level of client satisfaction. We take a total responsibility approach and our clients trust us to execute with wisdom and precision.


These projects are built from the ground up and can include a mix of residential, commercial and leased spaces.


These projects involve major or minor improvements or changes in the design, layout, materials or systems of an existing building which do not typically involve a change of use or building occupancy.


These projects involve a change in building use and occupancy. A rezoning process may be required to meet new occupancy requirements.

Avoiding Gaps In The Tendering Process

mitigate change orders

Once a job is ready to begin, finding the right contractors for the job is the first place to start.

We put the job out to tender so that tradespeople can bid on the job.

The tender package includes:

  • architectural drawings
  • mechanical drawings (electrical, plumbing, HVAC)
  • structural drawings (the engineer-approved design)

Change orders are generally created by contract omissions.

Gaps in construction responsibilities are all too common. In fast-paced projects, they can become endless, schedule-destroying wastes of money.

We carefully examine each tendered bid and determine the exact scope for all phases of construction.

We establish the ability to budget with extreme accuracy and create rock-solid schedules.

Relationships With Contractors

An Overlooked Component
To A Successful Project

Working relationships are the best because you’ve been in the trenches together. Trust is key – this comes from a history of successfully finishing projects together.

Common trades we’ll be tendering for bids are:

Once we’ve vetted all the bids, we can provide you with an accurate budget for the project.

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical (plumbing + HVAC)
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Finishing
  • Millwork (cabinetry)
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Engineering
  • Civil works (water, sewer, storm)

The Construction Phase

Transparent budgets and schedules keep you informed and updated throughout the entire project. You have a right to know what is happening in your project at any given time, especially when we’re talking about timing or budget. “Is the project still on budget? Is the project still on time?” – you’ll know this throughout the entire process.

Specialty Superintendents

We have in-house site superintendents who are an extension of us on the job site. We have different site supers for different types of projects.

Agile Development

We’re quick to overcome any obstacles that might show up in a project. Our entire team is prepared to mobilize quickly to design, build, or alter any part of the job without any serious downtime.

It’s not uncommon for alterations to a design to take 4-6 weeks just for approval. We skip that entire process by doing it all in house with a team that is used to communicating with each other. We can get approved changes to a design often in under a week.


Safety is a top priority both during and after construction. If someone gets injured on the jobsite, the project is slowed down. Therefore, a safe workplace is a productive workplace.

  • COR safety management practices for site employees
  • Exemplary record with WorkSafe BC (0 serious incidents)


We’re part of the following construction associations:

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